Stansa | A storage and collaboration platform. Inspired by the way you work
A better way to work together

Stansa is a storage and collaboration platform, inspired by the way you work. You can host and review documents, manage projects, and move ideas forward - hassle free.

A storage platform keeping track of the work done on the reports and the underlying data

Workflow management system handling different stages of reports, data sources and contributors

A productivity tool utilising scripting languages to minimise time spent on manual and repeated tasks

Keeping track of your work

Revision system

Every change to your repository is recorded and saved as a reversable revision. This allows you to quickly review changes made to the documents at each stage. Milestones and objectives can be set to help you manage your project.


Each team member can work independently if required, and at the right time their changes can be either merged or kept as separate work streams. You can track the progress of the contributions over time.

Example use cases

 M&A pitch books

 Equity and debt issuance documents

 Management consulting decks

 Financial insight PDFs

 Legal documents

 Insurance syndication and underwriting presentations

Technology Finance Law Insurance

Digitally transform your business

Reduce IT costs
Enhance the capability of data storage layer. Use a central, conectable repository to consolidate infrastructure and dramatically streamline IT tasks like colaborating, scaling and applying updates.

Accelerate innovation
Unlock the creativity of the business to deliver new reporting services to customers faster. Free up resources to focus on creative tasks and accelerate digital strategies.

Connect your everyday apps
Seamlessly integrate apps you already know and use like SalesForce or Slack. Facilitate the flow of data between services and automate the processes.

What is poor content management costing you?

Team size




% Increase in productivity*



*19% is the average as reported by Stansa users

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Stansa is currently in private Beta stage. To request free early access (including 3-month Premium subscription) leave your contact details below.