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VFX Salaries

visual effects, VFX, CGI, salaries, data

Visual effects salaries database including job type chart

Ransomware Overview

ransomware, security, software, data

Spreadsheet listing all known as well as unidentified ransomwhare plus detection and prevention guides.

COVID-19 Prolonged Symptoms Survey - Analysis Report

coronavirus, data, survey

An analysis of the prolonged COVID-19 symptoms survey by patient-led research team. Generated from survey data organized by decentralized team of COVID-19 patients (640 Responses)

Book Publishing Salary Transparency (UK)

publishing, salaries, career, finance, data

Book Publishing Salaries Transparency Spreadsheet (UK)

GeorgeFloyd Protest - police brutality videos on Twitter

police, protest, anti-racism, data

A list of c1k videos of police brutality caught on video

Remote Workers Salaries 2020 - by Remotive.io

remotework, technology, salaries, data

Salaries of people in engineering, marketing, sales and other sectors working remotely

Filtration performance of common household materials for manufacturing homemade masks

coronavirus, masks, data

This spreadsheet shows the filtration performance of medical and non-medical materials. The filtration performance generally includes two aspects: filtration efficiency and pressure drop;


police, USA, data, society

Database of people killed during interactions with law enforcement

Texas Bar and Restaurant Outbreak Closure Reports

coronavirus, Texas, USA, data

Below are businesses that reopened on May 22, and then reported that an employee or customer tested positive for coronavirus after they reopened. If you have been to one of these locations, take extra precautions because you may have been exposed.

Journalist Incidents Covering Floyd Protests

anti-racism, society, protest, data, journalism

@USPressTracker data on press freedom violations during the #GeorgeFloyd protests

Women Experts- India's Foreign Policy

India, journalism, contacts, data

A list of women experts working on Indian foreign policy

Betas & Bludgers Writing Competitions List

writing, books, data

A list of writing competitions you can apply to

COVID-19 settings of transmission - database

coronavirus, data

Database of the confirmed coronavirus infections and location information for analysis. Leclerc, Q.J., Fuller, N.M., Knight, L.E., Funk, S., Knight, G.M. and CMMID COVID-19 Working Group, 2020. What settings have been linked to SARS-CoV-2 transmission clusters?. Wellcome Open Research, 5(83), p.83.

Fortnite Meshes - Lucas7yoshi

fortnite, games, data, fortnite ids

A spreadsheet with all skins and there respective meshes/material names

Opening policies of top 20 public universities + UGA peer / aspirational institutions (to post)

coronavirus, data, higher education, USA

Opening policies of the top 20 public universities after coronavirus lockdowns

Using the Stats.(W)NBA API

NBA, sport, API, data, statistics

How to use NBA stats API to retrieve data about games, teams and players

Animation Writers Salary Grid (Responses)

animation, salaries, data

Animation writing and development salary survery

Tesla Carriers

tesla, data, shipping, finance

Tesla Global shipping information

#StopHateForProfit Campaign

facebook, #StopHateForProfit, list, data

The list of brands who have joined the #StopHateForProfit campaign

False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical “News” Sources

journalism, data, fact-check

List of false, misleading, clickbait-y, and/or satirical “news” sources