Stansa | How to get rounded corners in PowerPoint

How to get rounded corners in PowerPoint

PowerPoint rounded corners

PowerPoint provides an extensive array of built-in shapes which help you create great looking graphics for your slides. It is also possible to use images which by default are rectangle shaped. The rounded corners make the chart look more appealing. Follow this simple step by step instructions to create better looking objects for your business presentations.

PowerPoint shapes rounded corners

  1. Draw the rectangle.
  2. Set all four corners to the desired radius for the majority of the corners.
  3. Right click on the rectangle, "Position and Size" -> "Slant & Corner Radius".
  4. "Corner Radius" -> "Radius" -> to the desired radius.

PowerPoint images rounded corners

  1. Select your picture.
  2. Click Crop > Crop to shape.
  3. Select one of the shapes.

PowerPoint tables rounded corners

  1. Create a table.
  2. Right-click on the shape and click "Format Shape..." menu item.
  3. Select a "Round Single Corner Rectangle" shape. You will get a shape with top-right rounded corner.
  4. Select "Size" on the left pane, set "Rotation" box to 90 degrees.
  5. Select "Textbox" on the left pane, set "Text direction" dropdown to "Rotate all text 270 (degrees)".


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