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A better way to work together

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Stansa supercharges Google Docs by adding an ability to "branch" a document into independent work streams, each containing a different part of the work. This helps you create better documents, faster.

How it works

  1. Set up a Google Doc.
  2. Create a new branch - for example "Executive summary" or "Grammar and spell check" - it can be empty or a copy of an existing branch.
  3. Use it yourself or delegate to someone.
  4. When you are happy with the changes in the new branch, merge it into the main one.

Stansa merge example

Why use Stansa?

Keep track of your work

Every change to your repository is recorded and saved as a reversable revision.
Review changes
Add notes for clarity
Revert if necessary


Each team member can work independently, their changes can be either merged or kept as separate work streams.
Allocate tasks
Set access rights
See contributions

Get more done

Whether you work on your own, or in a team, you can accomplish more through better flow of new ideas and control of drafting.
Divide up work
Control drafts
Branch multitasking

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to use Stansa?

We are currently registering the first access users - total number of which will be 10,000. Those users will be able to use Stansa for free. After the first access registrations, a multi-level pricing plans will start being applicable.

Can I use it with Google Calcs, Google Slides or Office 365?

Yes, Stansa works with content created with those tools, however the integration will not be immediately available and will be added later.

What do I need to do to use Stansa?

Using Stansa is very easy - go to the portal, create a new project and you are ready to go! You can then start creating branches and open Google Docs to edit the documents. Branching and merging is easy and intuitve.

When will Stansa become available?

Stansa will be available in the early 2020.

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